Wedding Event


Wedding Event

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1. Pre Wedding Ceremony

2. Everyone Performs at The Sangeet
This Rituals Revel in the joy of the upcoming Union , Each side of the family sings a songs to
welcome the other , and family members may even give full-blown performances in celebration
and cheeky competition.

3.The Bride’s hand and feet are Adorned with Mehendi
The Mehendi Ceremony a big party Traditionally only attended by the brides close female
friends and family member .

04. Haldi Ceremony
The Haldi Ceremony is a great ritual. Which is one of the pre wedding ceremonies in India.

05. The Couple Weds Under a Mandap
The Wedding Mandap is temporary structure constructed for the purpose of the Marriage
Ceremony. The couple is traditionally joined beneath the mandap by their parents and the
ceremony officiant.

06. A Fire Burns in the Center of the Mandap
In the center of the Mandap, a fire is kindled. A hindu Marriage is a sacrament not a contract. To
signify the viability of the ceremony, fire is kept as a witness, and offerings are made.

07. The Couple Exchanges Floral Garlands During The Jai Mala
The Jai Mala is a garland comprised of strung flowers that is exchanged between the newlyweds.